Celebrating Women in Construction Week


“Leveling the playing field is, in my mind, just making sure all tasks are given to the people who do them the best. Just as being good at math is only because of practice, being good at any aspect of skilled labor is only practice, no matter your age, race, or gender. Level the playing field by focusing on all of your workers with the same amount of respect.” – Julia Murray

Women in Construction Week is a holiday dedicated to changing the stereotypes that women face when it comes to careers by giving them new opportunities to look at; the construction industry has many places where women can advance and built a career for themselves.

History of Women in Construction Week

Women in Construction Week was founded by the  National Association of Women in Construction. NAWIC began in 1953 by a group of women to help create a support network for other women in the industry. The NAWIC founded Women in Construction Week to give their organization an event to help bring women together.

With 120 chapters and over 4,000 members of the organization, the NAWIC strives to bring awareness to the idea and role of women in the construction industry and how important it can be for women to see construction as a new avenue for work and success.

According to the NAWIC, there’s a massive shortage of people in the construction industry. Because of this shortage, those who wish to advance in labor and skill will have plenty of opportunities. With the slow but steady influx of women in engineering, architecture, trade, and contracts, this holiday can help convince women of how vital it is for women to move forward into the industry.

Usually directed at young women in high school, representatives for this holiday usually come and speak to students about opportunities in the construction industry, encouraging them to move past the typical jobs women think of and believe in new ways to advance in a career.

How to Celebrate Women in Construction Week

If you are looking for ways to celebrate this holiday, then some of the things that you can do for this cause is to volunteer at your local high schools to encourage young women to seek these opportunities.

If you’re a member of your local construction company, help develop a zero-tolerance sexual harassment policy. If you’re speaking with parents, develop an overall informative plan to ensure that child’s safety and chat with those parents about the benefits the construction industry has to offer.

You can also connect with other women organizations and share your experiences using the hashtag #WomeninConstructionWeek on your favorite social media websites.

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