Z- Purlins

Z Purlins are made using cold-formed or rolled sheets for supporting roofs. The flexible shape of these beams facilitates various designs solutions. Roofing contractors extensively use Z purlins in huge roofing solutions such as godowns, workshops, industrials sheds and many more. The range is known for saving up to 50% on structural sheet in comparison with hot rolled angles.

Z Purlins are the level bars that are utilized to join sheeted tops and vertical divider cladding sitting between the sheeting and the essential building or divider structure. At the point when supporting vertical divider cladding they are otherwise called rails. The purlin needed for a specific requisition will differ with the thickness of the sheet or board, the pitch of the top and common climate and stacking conditions. Z Purlins area reach incorporates profiles with stature of 140mm, 175mm and 200mm and gages (thickness) of 1.6mm, 1.8mm and 2mm. Purlins are accessible in most lengths and a product of high tractable structural evaluation steel with a stirred covering.

Z-purlins main uses are for instance for commercial applications but are just as cost effective for smaller type garages and carports. The Z sections can also form part of the columns and rafters in these smaller applications made from Galvaspan steel Z section purlins come in different sizes and thicknesses to cater for your needs.

Our purlins are crisp and clean in design and do not allow the scope of inaccurate lengths.


  • Ability to span length
  • Saving in Steel up to 40%
  • Fast to erect and easy handling
  • No side drilling/cutting required
  • Assured dimensions and straightness
  • Purlin erection is easier than others
  • Saving in construction cost up to 30%
  • High durability, versatility and uniform quality
  • Low transportation cost due to reduced weight
  • Close tolerances on sectional dimensions owing to process of cold roll forming
  • Saving up to 35-40% in weight and 20% in cost when compared to hot rolled purlins

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