Electrical conduit pipes & fittings

Electrical conduit Pipes & Fittings

Electrical conduit pipes & fittings  are manufactured under strict quality control with latest technology. Electrical Conduits are best preferred for concealed wiring in houses, residential and commercial buildings, industries, traffic signals, street lighting etc.

UPVC Electrical Conduits have been preferred over other available resources due to varied salient features, key among them being that it is not a ‘fire catalyst’.  Standard: KS04 -179


Domestic: concealed wiring in houses, residential and commercial buildings. Industrial: concealed wiring in plants Other: Traffic signal connections, street light and wiring at public places

  • Strong and durable
  • Light weight and flexible
  • Convenient joining
  • Safe
  • Resistant to rusting, wear, abrasion and water
  • Excellent surface
  • Cost saving
  • Temperature stable
  • Smoke suppressing
  • Maintenance free

Sizes available: From 20mm to 50mm

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