Apex Group

Apex means the highest point or most successful part of something. At Apex Group, we believe getting to be No.1 is relatively easy. What takes courage, grit, perseverance and skill is the ability to stay at the TOP.

Since 1970, Apex Steel has endeavoured to exceed customer expectations by offering sustainable solutions to the building construction and engineering industry.

Apex Steel is now synonymous with quality and reliability, and have become East Africa’s No. 1 choice of deformed bars and quality piping solutions.

This vaulted position was earned through a series of groundbreaking innovations.

The strength of steel makes it one of the most sought-after construction products all over the world today.

This reality inspired the founding of Apex Steel in 1970 as a supplier and distributor of steel products to contractors and engineers in East Africa.

Apex Group is committed to building communities, roads, hospitals, schools and more for the Kenyan people.

  • Our Mission

    By offering solutions through ‘Cutting Edge’ technology; providing relevant ancillary products; offering efficient propositions that enable speed of execution; by developing employees and by being a responsible corporate in investing in the environment.

  • Our vision

    To offer sustainable solutions in steel and plastics; create value additions; driven by innovation; technology & efficiency for the construction and fabrication industry in Kenya and East Africa.