Ordinarily cut and bend is done by unskilled labourers. This consequently leads to inefficiencies such as the wastage of materials.

The bigger the project the more wastage there is thus the introduction of cut and bend off-site is revolutionary to the construction industry.

Benefits of Cut and Bend:

Cost-effective – as you only pay for the blueprint requirement and no there is no waste material included in costing. Additionally, you transport kilos of bars that you will waste later on then the contractor is paying for wastage and transport for the wastage.
Easy and fast preparation of bill of quantity – due to better estimation of reinforcement steel for the whole project hence better accountability and audit of building materials.
Labour saving on-site – need fewer people on-site to cut and bend the bars and look after the wastage or the bars that need to be reused elsewhere
Space Saving – A contractor will not need a cut and bend machine or a place to do it on site.
Relief from onsite congestion – there is no clutter of the waste from cutting on site.
Pilferage on-site – with cut and bend pieces coming on site
Security – there will be no wastage on-site to steal. And the cut pieces are sold at scrap value rather than full value by the people stealing it making it less attractive to steal
Hassle-free construction – One can get Just in Time deliveries and there is no waste material hence you don’t have to arrange for waste disposal.
Efficiency – it is simple, safe and operational. The rebars are customized according to the project hence one avoids handling 12m rebars.

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