Grohe faucets

GROHE is Germany’s premier sanitary fittings brand and a world-leader in the bathroom market. Hence, it carefully selects the finest materials and manufactures to the highest German standards. This is to deliver the best European designs to a global audience. Ongoing investment in research and development enables it to actualize world-leading technologies for the bathroom industry. Their designers aim for their products to last a lifetime. So, they have their products subjected to rigorous internal and external tests to guarantee their longevity. Their internal life-testing center surpasses industry standards. Specialists test all their products to ensure they exceed the expectations of customers and outperform competitors.

Above all, quality, technology and design are central to everything. Pride is taken in the performance of Grohe products and offer a 10-year guarantee on all functional parts. Therefore, this guarantee demonstrates commitment to delivering a lifetime of unique user experiences to customers. Since the company’s creation in 1936, GROHE has opened 26 subsidiaries across the world. It has invested in six factories and sold over 300 million faucets.

Type of Grohe product

Grohe Baucurve

Sweeping lines and a softer aesthetic are key to creating a comfortable and contemporary bathing space. The dynamic design of BauCurve entices interaction through the confident execution of its fin-shaped lever handle. Arcing towards the user, it gives effortless control over the water flow and temperature ensuring perfect delivery for years to come.

Grohe Baucurve

Grohe Baucurve and Bauflow Baulines faucet collections are the perfect balance of contemporary design and German engineering – a precise mix of form and function that ensures years of carefree use. Their dynamic, eye-catching profiles will visually enhance your bathroom with their contemporary appeal, while bringing user-friendly features to the space. Both collections offer a complete range of products across all draw-off points and include a choice of showering solution.

Grohe contemporary style

Contemporary-style design unites clean looks and practical features to create an inviting bathroom perfect for families. Faucet and shower designs in sparkling chrome feature softer lines and easy-to-use features. These features harmonize with a neutral palette of cream, beige and white to create a welcoming environment. The result is a functional and comfortable space that designers intended to withstand passing trends and last a lifetime.

Grohe Bauclassic

Refined and authentic, the BauClassic faucet collection effortlessly blends a traditional aesthetic with 21st century engineering. Fluted detailing at the base of the faucet body and the spout brings an air of elegance to the design. Designers deliberated for the same design to be at the end of the slender lever handle too. The collection includes a three-hole basin mixer to ensure a harmonious match with period-style basins.

Grohe Bau kitchen

People use water for cooking all over the world. Averagely people need running water in the kitchen up to 90 times each day. Often, people don’t think of water when they hear the word ‘kitchen’. For instance, people think of well-filled refrigerators, aromas wafting from the oven and of tables laid ready for dinner. But forget what works hardest in the kitchen: the kitchen faucet. Therefore, something that people use this frequently must be durable – and since kitchens are increasingly becoming living spaces, the faucet must look good. That’s why ergonomics, functionality, aesthetics and durable finishes are so important in GROHE kitchen faucets.

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