Apex Piping Systems offers a variety of affordable plumbing solutions for drinking water such as PPR, UPVC, and HDPE pipes and fittings.

PPR Hydro-flo Plumbing Pipes

PPR Pipes Plumbing pipes

Polypropylene Random (PPR) plumbing pipes and fittings are most reliable in plumbing and water supply pipelines inside the building, due to their chemical features and fusion welding, which ensures the plumber has a perfect seal tight system.

UPVC pressure pipes

UPVC pressure plumbing pipes are manufactured to KS – ISO 1452 and EN 1452 standards incorporating the traditional design stress of 10 and 12.5 Mpa respectively. The product is ideally suited for applications in both pumping and gravity design.


Polypropylene (PP) Compression fittings are approved for use in contact with drinking water. These fittings offer exceptional joint security for metric OD polyethylene (PE) pipes and form a seal without distorting the pipe or restricting the pipe bore. The PP Compression fittings range is suitable for potable water distribution mains and irrigation systems


Apex manufactures HDPE pipes which are available in various sizes. These are suitable to work under different working pressure for both residential and industrial purposes. Manufactured as per KS-ISO 4427.

UPVC Borehole Screens and Casings

UPVC borehole casings are manufactured to standard KS-2210 and DIN 4925 with trapezoidal threads and female belled-ends. The male threaded ends can also be fitted with a rubber O-ring for a superior leak-free joint if required to ensure that every drop of ground water that enters the well has been extracted at the greatest possible depth.

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