PE Soil and Waste

Apex PVC pipes


Apex PVC pipes are optimally used in residential and industrial discharge systems for soil, waste and vent applications. Apex offers multiple complete PVC soil and waste systems, which comply with all major standards, offering mechanical engineers and plumbers all possible solutions.

ED Tech

Wavin ED TECH is a complete soil, waste and vent system made of polypropylene (PP) and well established in the European market. The revolutionary technology used for the ED TECH 3-Layer pipe is a result of years of research in the most skilled laboratories in the USA and Europe. Standard UNI EN 1451

PVC Waste Pipes


Wavin PE is a complete soil, waste and vent system of pipes and fittings, manufactured from high-density polyethylene. This tough and durable PE system offers an extraordinary chemical resistance in combination with a high flexibility level and great impact resistance. Wavin PE pipes and fittings are joined by welding, making the joints resistant to tension. There are two methods of welding: butt welding (hot plate welding) and electro-fusion welding.



Wavin SiTech+ is a mineral reinforced polypropylene (PP) soil and waste system. The system offers increased robustness, low-noise properties and improved ease of installation. The higher weight of fittings provide acoustic comfort during water flow. Its flexible con-nectivity and pushfit system makes SiTech+ a complete plug and play solution for waste water discharge in buildings.

Wavin AS

Sound is an important factor in designing the interior of buildings. Reducing sound in a building’s soil and waste system is a challenge that the Wavin AS system can easily deal with. Wavin AS is the complete low-noise soil and waste system made of Astolan®. Astolan has a special molecular structure and is especially developed to dampen sound. With Wavin AS the noise levels inside buildings can be reduced to an absolute minimum. Wavin AS is the plastic alternative to cast iron, achieving improved sound reduction performance with a lower weight, and easier to install solution. The combination of Astolan material and Wavin know-how utilizes material density, wall thickness and system design to make the Wavin AS system unique and best in class.

Inspection Chambers

Access is required to drains and sewer systems, for testing, inspection, maintenance and for removal of debris. For this purpose, small inspection chambers are the products to be used. Wavin now also offers, next to the Tegra 315 WAJ, Tegra 400/425 and IC 400, the Mini Access chamber and the Universal PPIC solution (PPIC = Polypropylene Inspection Chamber)
Standard BS 7158


Uses Membrane Technology to maintain a seal between waste/drainage systems and the living space. Also known as bottle trap or P trap.
Standard ISO 9001 and ISO 14001