A Look at Airless Spray Guns from Apex Steel


The primary purpose of an airless gun or spray gun as many may call it is to act as an on/off valve. Many spray guns have added features like built-in filters or swivels for increased performance. However, in choosing one gun over another, there are several factors to consider such as the size of the fluid passage and diffuser, pressure rating, as well as the comfort and feel of the gun. Graco offers the following airless spray guns:

Contractor™ Gun—Graco’s most popular gun for spraying architectural coatings. The Contractor Gun is a full feature airless gun with a comfort grip form-fitted handle, 2 or 4-finger trigger, built in filter and swivel for top spraying performance. The fluid tube is made of stainless steel. The Contractor Gun is rated at 248 bar.

Contractor FTx™ Gun—while the fluid housing and needle assembly are identical to the Contractor Gun, the FTx gun has 4-finger trigger with round handle along with many extra features. It has a built-in filter in the handle and a swivel for top spraying performance. The trigger pull is 30% lighter than competitive guns and the trigger lock can be engaged in the “clean” position for quick and easy clean up. The FTx Gun is rated at 248 bar.

Silver Plus™ Gun—known for its durability and long life, the Silver Plus Gun offers a comfortable handle design with an option for a 2 or 4-finger trigger. There are no adjustments required for the needle assembly and it is backed by an unconditional guarantee against needle breakage. The stainless steel fluid tube and increased pressure rating make it a great gun for more viscous coating materials. In addition, the Silver Plus gun is available in a fine finish model for finer atomization. The Silver Plus Gun is rated 345 bar.

Flex Plus™ Gun—the Flex Plus gun offers the same features as the Silver Plus gun. In addition, the hose connects directly to the fluid inlet through a spring guard mounted at the base of the gun. The Flex Plus gun comes standard on the LineLazers and is rated at 345 bar.

SG3™ Gun—offers the same economical feature as the SG2 gun. In addition, the SG3 gun features a built-in hose swivel connection for easier spraying. The SG3 gun is also rated at 248 bar.

Cleanshot Pole Gun—for spraying high or recessed areas. Graco’s Pole Gun features the CleanShot™ Shut Off Valve, which shuts the fluid flow off at the tip for a crisp spray pattern with no spitting or delays. The CleanShot is also totally modular, thus, the CleanShot and Contractor In-line Valve can be used with other extended reach tools. The Pole Gun is rated at 248 bar and is available in 90- and 180cm lengths.

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