Holiday Special Offers: Spend and Earn with Apex!


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The holiday season is in full swing at Apex Group.

We’re rewarding all our clients who make purchases in the months of November, December, and January with some amazing gifts.

Spend on average more than Sh100,000 with Apex in each of the next 3 months and you’re eligible to earn some of the gifts below:


Scheme Period: 20th November 2019 to 31st January 2020

  • Divisions covered: Nairobi, Niku, Kisumu, Mombasa, Rolling Mill, Tube Mill, Apex Piping Systems
  • Customers covered: All cash and credit customers who spend a minimum of Sh100,000 EACH month during the scheme period. The average spend for each client over the 3-month scheme period will be used to determine the gift they’re eligible for.
    1. If a client buys 400,000 in the month of January alone, their average spend will be divided by 3, representing the number of months in the offer period, equalling a total of Sh133,333 per month and making them eligible for the Sh100,000 gift.
  • Customer orders must include purchase of rebars, tubes, plates or pipes to be eligible.
  • Purchases of cement or mabati will NOT be added towards their purchase total for the scheme.
  • Late payment will automatically disqualify dealer from scheme irrespective of target achievement.
  • Scheme Qualification: To qualify for this scheme,
    1. Credit customers must streamline their accounts by ensuring all payments have been made according to agreed upon credit terms.
    2. All credit customers must agree to payment terms of a maximum of 60 days.
    3. All invoices must be submitted by client in order to redeem gift.
    4. No credit notes or goods returned must be issued for invoices.
    5. Customer must sign and stamp balance confirmation letter
    6. Credit customers must correctly fill out and submit credit application forms.
  • Reward: Clients to receive gifts once payment has cleared.
    1. All gifts to be delivered to clients in the month of February 2020.
    2. See chart on page 2 for gift options.
  • Apex Steel Ltd reserve all rights to change some or all part of the scheme during the scheme period without prior information to scheme participants.
  • All the disputes arising out of the scheme are subject to the Jurisdiction of the courts of Nairobi, Kenya.

For any further clarification, please contact your respective Apex Sales Officer or Area Sales Manager or our Marketing Team.

Email or call 0780505020/0732888820/0206969000.


Client Spend (per month) Gift Options (Choose Only One) Comparable Packages
100,000 1. Von VSHK15CY Ceramic Heater – 1500W
2. Von Hotpoint HWDZ2000B/VADA 2000K Water Dispenser Normal(Non- Electric) – Black
3. Von VSBT05MNK Blender, 1.5L Glass Jar, 500W – Black
4. Von VSTP02PVK Premium 2 Slice Toaster
300,000 1. VON VAMG- 20DGK Microwave Oven, Grill, 20L, Digital – Black
2. Von HA11631BT/VES11 62ES 2.1 Bluetooth Subwoofer – 116W
3. Magic Bullet MB4- 1149M 11 Piece Set
4. Von VSCP60MMX Pressure Cooker 1000W – 6L
750,000 1. Von Hotpoint HRD- 092S/VARM-09DKS Mini Fridge 92L – Silver
2. Von Hotpoint 4 Gas Cooker – Silver
3. Von VES3005FS Subwoofer 5.1CH, Bluetooth, USB – 300W RMS
4. Von Water Dispenser Compressor Cooling, With Cabinet, Free Standing -Black
1,000,000 1. 32’ LED TV
2. LG LHD427 Home Theater – 5.1 Channel, 300W, Satellite, Bluetooth
3. Von VALW-10MLB Twin Tub Washing Machine – White – 10Kg
4. Von Showcase Freezer, 100L
Von Subwoofer + Von 20l microwave + Von stand fan
+ Von Hotpoint HWDZ2000B/VADA
2000K Water Dispenser Normal(Non- Electric) – Black
2,000,000 1. 40’ LED TV FHD SMART
2. VON Refrigerator Top Mount Freezer, 225L- Silver
3. Simfer 6312NEI Cooker 3 Gas +1 Electric – Stainless Steel
4. Von Front Load Washing Machine Silver 6KG
Von 2.1 Bluetooth Subwoofer
+ 32’ LED TV + Von Power Bank 2 USB Ports, 10,000mAh + 16″ Floor Standing Fan – Remote – Black
2,500,000 1. Von Double Door Fridge 200L – Silver
2. 43’ LED TV FHD
3. Wine Cooler  4.PORTABLE AC
Fridge Mini 92L – Silver +
Twin Tub Washing Machine – White – 7Kg + Coffee Maker 12 Cup – Black + Kitchen Weighing Scale, 5KG, Electronic – Stainless Steel
3,000,000 1. 49’ LED TV UHD SMART
2. Von Double Door Fridge 278L – Black
3. Bosch 3+1 Electric Cooker – Stainless Steel
4. Von Washing Machine, Front Load, 9KG, Silver
32’ LED TV + Von HA11631BT/VES11
62ES 2.1 Bluetooth Subwoofer – 116W + 16″ Floor Standing Fan – Remote – Black + Twin Tub Washing Machine – White – 7Kg
4,000,000 – 5,000,000 1. SAMSUNG55’ LED TV UHD SMART
2. LG Refrigerator, Top Mount Freezer, 410L– Silver
3. LG Front Load Washer Dryer, 8/5 KG – Silver
118L DOUBLE DOOR REFRIGERATOR + Von Front Load Washing Machine Silver 6KG + 43’ LED TV FHD
6,000,000 1. SAMSUNG 65’ LED TV UHD SMART
2. LG Front Load Washer Dryer, 12/8 KG
3. 550l Side by side refrigerator
Von Double Door Fridge 200L – Silver + Samsung Soundbar, Bluetooth, Anynet+, USB, + Von Front Load Washing Machine Silver 6KG
2. LG Front Load Washer/Dryer, 18/10 KG Silver
3. LG 600l Side by side refrigerator
8,000,000 SAMSUNG 65’ LED TV + UHD SMART SAMSUNG CURVED SOUNDBAR + PORTABLE AC + LG Front Load Washer Dryer, 8/5 KG – Silver
9,000,000 SAMSUNG 65″ QLED TV + SAMSUNG CURVED SOUNDBAR + WINE COOLER + Delonghi Pump Espresso – Stainless steel
+ ARISTON PROFFESIONAL COOKER + WINE COOLER + BOSCH DISHWASHER + Delonghi Pump Espresso – Stainless steel + LG Front Load Washer Dryer, 12/8 KG


Apex Group is East Africa’s leading steel and pipe manufacturing company, focusing on innovation and an uncompromising commitment to quality since 1970.

Did you know that since 1970, Apex Group has raised the bar for the construction, fabrication and plumbing industries in East Africa and beyond?

Our name is our guarantee.

  • A means “Ahead” by innovation.
  • P is for the “Pride” we take in our products.
  • E means we “Exceed” customer expectations.
  • And X is for “eXtra” value we offer.

Did you know that Apex Steel was the first company to manufacture Deformed Bars to Grade 500 plus? We manufacture quality angles, flats, tubes and plates and stock channels, chequered plates, CRCA, aluminium plates, shafts, and seamless pipes. We are also amongst the largest importer of Universal Beams and IPE Sections.

Apex Piping Systems is home to a series of piping solutions, including PPR, PVC and HDPE pipes and fittings. Did you know that our pipes are manufactured using lead-free stabilisers, ensuring clean drinking water?

We also manufacture injection and extrusion moulded products such as roofing washers, paint handles, hangers, door stoppers, wedges, and garden hoses. Additionally, we stock water meters, valves, and world-class sanitary fittings from Cobra, Grohe, and Pegler.

Did you know that we have world-class testing equipment at our factories in Athi River that allow us to test the strength and quality of your pipes and steel?

Apex Steel is also home to innovative solutions such as cut and bend and couplers, helping you save time and money on your projects.

Cut and bend is done by machines and can achieve exact precision, specifications, and consistency, which improves the quality control on-site. Cut and bend allows for the efficient preparation of bill of quantities due to better estimation of reinforcement steel for the whole project, hence better accountability and auditing of building materials.

Couplers ensure improved structural ductility and integrity, due to improved steel continuity. They reduce steel congestion in structural members and significantly reduce the need for protruding or bent bars on site, leading to faster construction cycles, increased productivity, reduced crane time and an enhanced health and safety environment for contractors.

In addition to plastics and steel, Apex Group trades in more than 4,000 quality products to the general construction industry and we’re the proud distributors for world-class brands such as Graco, Zinga, Comap, Technopol, JK Wally Putty and Cement, in addition to high-quality construction chemicals.

The evidence of our quality is all around you. When you visit Two Rivers or Westgate Mall, enter Britam Towers or UAP Towers, stay at Villa Rosa Kempinski or Sankara Hotel, drive on the Thika Super Highway or the Southern Bypass, or marvel at the Standard Gauge Railway or the Tana River Hydro Plant; APEX is inside them all.

APEX gives you the power to build, be it a massive infrastructure project or your new family home. We don’t just supply world-renowned products, rather we deliver complete construction solutions – from advice and training to site support.

Follow us at ApexSteelltd, all one word, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Visit our website: and send us an email at to learn more!

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