Going with the Flo: Apex Steel’s Pivot into Plastic Manufacturing


For nearly 50 years, Apex Steel Ltd has continuously raised the bar in the manufacturing of steel bars in East Africa, becoming a benchmark of quality and innovation in the construction, engineering and fabrication industries. Encouraged by the company’s sustained success in producing high quality steel, Apex directors made the decision to acquire Ken Aluminum Products, now known as KAP Plastics, in 2010, effectively becoming a one-stop shop for all construction-related needs in Kenya.

Founded in 1978 in Industrial Area, KAP Plastics initially focused on the importation, marketing, and distribution of aluminium products, specialising in injection moulded plastics and the production of household products such as plastic hangers, jugs, plates, and rubber door stoppers.

The company built on its early success by investing in new machinery and in 2004 KAP Plastics became the first company in Kenya to manufacture Poly Propylene Random (PPR), which were rebranded as “Hydro-flo”, and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes, radically changing the plumbing industry from galvanized pipes to plastic, saving plumbers substantial time and money.

Hydro-flo has been awarded KEBS certification and is the preferred choice for plumbers and contractors looking for quality and durability. It’s manufactured from virgin material with no fillers or additives, ensuring sustainability in quality and performance to last over 50 years.

Following KAP Plastics seamless integration into the Apex Steel family, the company has continued to be at the forefront of plumbing innovations, introducing a series of new plastic and piping solutions to the Kenyan market including round pipes, wall plugs, toilet seat covers, garden hose pipes, ferules and tubings.

The group’s unwavering commitment to quality was eventually recognized by the Dutch-based global leader in piping and plumbing solutions, Wavin, leading to a partnership that saw KAP Plastics begin manufacturing PPR, PVC (drainage pipes, electrical conduits, pressure pipes, and rain water down pipes) and HDPE pipes at its state of the art manufacturing facilities in Athi River under stringent quality measures and manufacturing direction from Wavin. The pipes and fitting supplies produced through the Wavin partnership are marketed under the brand name “Apex Water” and include above ground systems, plumbing and heating systems, below ground drainage systems, water management systems, ducting systems and water and gas distribution systems.


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