Polypropylene Random (PPR) pipes and fittings are most reliable in plumbing and water supply pipelines inside the building, due to their chemical features and fusion welding, which ensures the plumber has a perfect seal tight system.

The PPR type 3 used in the production of HYDRO-FLO PPR system has a high molecular weight and excellent creep resistance fundamental characteristics for the transportation of hot fluids under pressure. It also has good resilience which ensures ease of installation even with temperatures under 00. HYDRO-FLO pipes are made of 100% virgin material which guarantees they last long; durable and no deposits seen.

HYDRO-FLO PPR pipes are made to the standard KS-ISO 15874

Pipe & Fitting Networks for:

  • Cold & Hot installations, i.e. in Residences, Complexes, Apartments, Offices, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools etc.
  • Industrial, i.e. transportation of corrosive fluids (like acids) and liquid foods etc.
  • Agriculture and Horticulture.
  • Compressed air plants.
  • Swimming pools
  • Rain Water harvesting and utilization systems.