Dating back to 1970, inside a successful General hardware and construction material trading and supply house in Mombasa, the company founders had a vision. What they envisioned over four decades ago has led to a company that manufactures the best steel in East and Central Africa.

A passion to revolutionize the steel industry coupled with an obsession to quality led Apex Steel to pioneer the introduction of a new paradigm as early as 2006. Apex Steel became the first local company to manufacture steel to international standards. Apex Steel manufactures Grade 500+ Deformed Bars - BS 4449:2005 and ISO 6935-2 at its technologically advanced manufacturing unit at Athi River.

Producing the region's best steel doesn't happen by chance. It requires strategy. From the start Apex Steel's strategy was to do things differently, focusing on innovation; creation of value for their customers and an uncompromising commitment to quality. Apex Group's capabilities are not limited to selling steel or plastics; the business principles are guided by 'offering sustainable solutions' to aid the Construction and Engineering domain.

Apex Steel also manufactures tubes, rectangular hollow sections, square hollow sections, circular hollow sections; furniture tubes, black pipes for scaffolding, MS Plates; Angles, Flats, T and Z sections. The Steel is manufactured at its two factories located in Athi River, Kenya. It is one of the region's largest importers of Beams, channels; shafts; seamless pipes, and deals in more than 4,000 General Hardware items and wire products. It also sells Roofing Sheets and Zed Purlins. Apex Water manufactures PVC; HDPE and PPR at it's manufacturing facilities at Athi River


Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) recognized the superior quality of the deformed bars made by Apex Steel, and hence Apex TMX Steel was the first deformed bar to be awarded the 'Diamond Mark of Quality' by KEBS .

Apex Steel has several 'firsts' to its credit. In addition to being the first company to manufacture 'BS:4449 - Deformed Bars in East and Central Africa; it's also the first company to sell steel based on weight and not on a per piece basis. It was also the first company to have 'in-house-state-of-the-art testing facilities for the steel so manufactured' It is also the only steel company in East and Central Africa that manufactures steel that is globally recognized as 'nature friendly'. As such, is the only steel company to be awarded a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certificate. This means that anyone choosing to build 'Green Projects' can do so using steel manufactured by Apex Steel.

It's also the first company to supply 'cut and bend' customized steel to site. To further supplement that; yet another 'first' - it is the only company that can offer you 'couplers'; an efficient alternative to the conventional 'overlap' at construction sites.

For two years in a row; 'Apex Steel' has been recognised as a SUPERBRAND. This is an independent body that evaluates and awards this certification. Being recognized as a 'Superbrand' bears testimony to the fact that 'Apex Steel' is the preferred choice of several Developers and Contractors.

Apex Water makes world class PPR and PVC pies, manufactured under licence from WAVIN who is a global leader in 'Piping and Plumbing'. These are made at its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Athi River, Kenya. These pipes are made at it's new facilities at Athi River. The quality and precision of the Pipes are making inroads into the industry. Apart from the quality of the manufacturing process; it also has the most modern testing equipment and process to ensure that every piece of pipe that leaves the factory are made to international standards.

With constant investments being made into 'raising the bar on quality and innovation' it's the destination for leading Contractors; Developers; Consultants and Engineers alike. It's existence stands on the pillars of Leadership in Innovation; Quality and Consistency; and most importantly in it's strength of customer relationships making it the preferred choice of a partner for projects; be it in steel or plastics and be it Infrastructure; Roads; Commercial or Residential.

With the vast range of products from Apex Steel you can have the 'Power to Build'.