Most households are connected to pipeline systems. However, large parts of these pipelines are in poor condition, endangering human lives and the environment. Compact Pipe has proven to be the ideal technology for the trenchless rehabilitation (renovation) of damaged water, sewer, gas and industrial pipelines made of traditional materials such as cast iron, steel, concrete, clay or asbestos-cement. The Wavin close-fit technique Compact Pipe offers a structurally independent pipe with the quality and durability of a newly installed pipe. The trenchless technique has proven to be the best option in times of increasing costs of replacing pipelines and growing traffic intensity.

Compact Pipe is used for the rehabilitation of water, sewer, gas and industrial pipelines, i.e. for both pressure and non-pressure applications. Compact Pipe is especially advantageous where the pipeline is not accessible or in heavy traffic where open trench construction is not possible. Construction work is restricted to small start pits. These pits can even be omitted completely when rehabilitating sewer pipes, where the manholes can be used. Compact Pipe is designed to be an independent liner capable to bear all loads itself.