Apex Steel also offer 'cut and bend' solutions to contractors. This cutting and bending is done as per the BBS (Bar Bending Schedule) as provided by the Contractor. Apex Steel have made the investment in an automated plant for 'cutting and bending' for speed of execution and ensuring precision is maintained. This unique facility saves time and resources for the contractors. The benefits being; no wastage of the 'off-cut' steel on site; no inventory management at site; reduces pilferage; and most importantly ensures the steel so arrived can be immediately used for the structure. In addition to offering a savings of 12% on the overall cost of the project; it also facilitates a faster execution to have the structure ready.

Apex Steel - have now another 'firsts' to add to it's proposition. Couplers are the efficient way to replace the 'over lap' in joining steel. This technology is widely used the world over; and is now available in Kenya and East Africa too through Apex Steel. Depending on the sizes used; this technology ensures a savings potential of 10% - 15% in the overall consumption of the steel in the cases of larger projects.


Apex Steel is able to meet the requirement of several large projects simultaneously in the supply of steel and related materials. Driven by automation and experience; the team at Apex is geared to understand the requirements of complex projects; interpret the 'Bar Bending Schedules'; read BQs; map out the requirements; plan the supplies and eventually ensure a smooth supply of material to the sites in Kenya and beyond; be it Deformed Bars; PVC and HDPE or specialized steel - namely Seamless Pipes; Shafts; Beams; Channels or any product that may have to be specially procured for the project.

It has a fleet to ensure timely conversions of orders and supplies within Kenya and cross border to Tanzania; Uganda; Rwanda; Burundi and South Sudan.